Sign Permit Application

Statement Regarding Sign Permit Applications

The Code Enforcement Department is still reviewing sign permit applications during the current coronavirus climate. Public access to the Code Enforcement Department in the Douglas County Courthouse is currently restricted, however, therefore the Code Enforcement Department is currently deferring the payments and physical pickup of Douglas County sign permits but allowing signage to be installed once approval is given through ePlan Solutions. When the Douglas County Courthouse reopens to the public in the future, notifications will be sent through ePlan Solutions to each project applicant to bring in their payments and pick up their sign permits. A 7 day time period shall be granted to make the necessary payments. Please make sure you receive approval notification from Douglas County through ePlan Solutions first before installing signage.

The large number of recent incomplete and incorrect sign permit applications into the department, as well as the amount of time it takes the department to review each original and resubmitted application, has resulted in longer than normal approval times to obtain sign permits. Reviewing the ‘application instruction guide’, ‘sign permit requirements’, and applicable overlay district code sections prior to submittal will result in easier and quicker approval times for your customers. Code review and due diligence is the responsibility of the applicant.

If you currently have a denied sign permit application on file through ePlan Solutions, the County recommends logging into the application project, reviewing the County’s comments needed to correct the errors, correcting the errors, and updating the project. The Code Enforcement Department is working diligently to get through the large number of resubmittals as quickly as possible.

Application Process

Electronic Files for Sign Permits

Douglas County will accept electronic files for review for the purpose of obtaining a sign permit. ePlan Solutions is providing the digital platform for the exchange of information. For information on how to electronically file, please see the ePlan Solution - Douglas County Sign Review. A short step-by-step guide (Application Instruction Guide (PDF)) is also available. Should you have any questions, email ePlan Solutions or call 678-898-0610.

Applicant Responsibility

Applicants should review the Douglas County Sign Ordinance, any zoning overlay districts for additional signage requirements (under Article 2, Section 208, or Article 5, Section 509 of the Unified Development Code), as well as the Sign Permit Requirements document (DOCX). The sign permit applicant is solely responsible for the due diligence for code review prior to submitting a sign permit application.

Douglas County Code Enforcement Responsibility

The Code Enforcement Department is responsible for application review, application approval or denial, and, if denied, for providing necessary information for changes required to obtain approval. The Douglas County Code Enforcement Department is not required to make any changes to the sign permit application on behalf of the applicant.

Applications submitted incompletely or with incorrect information shall be denied and will need to be re-submitted correctly. Sign permit application denials will add additional time for review by the County, and all correspondence between Douglas County Code Enforcement and the applicant shall be conducted through the ePlan Solutions communication environment. Contacting the Code Enforcement Department outside the ePlan Solutions environment does not quicken the application process.