Juvenile Traffic Court

If your child has been charged with a motor vehicle and/or traffic violation as set forth in the Official Code of Georgia Annotated 40-1-1, et seq., there are options.  The Court wishes for all new drivers to take a defensive driving class prior to getting their driver’s license, but we know that is not always feasible for families.  Typically, when a driver receives a traffic citation, a fine is associated as a disposition.  While fines can be very effective, the Juvenile Court would rather young drivers become more educated regarding the privilege to have a driver’s license.

 If your child, who is under the age of 17, receives a traffic citation in Douglas County, and its their first traffic citation, the Court gives the child the option of completing an online drivers education course.  Once your child attends the class, receives their certificate of completion, turns the certificate of completion into the Court, the traffic citation will be dismissed.  

 At all times, your child has the right to an attorney and can apply to the Court for a court-appointed attorney, hire an attorney or appear in court without an attorney.

 If your child chooses not to complete the course or is denying the charge, a summons and process will be sent via mail with a court date.