District Attorney

Letter from the District Attorney

"Thank you for visiting the web page of the Douglas County District Attorney’s Office. I hope the information here will assist you in understanding the role and functions of our office.

The mission of the District Attorney’s office is to seek justice for victims of crime, to hold criminal defendants accountable for their unlawful actions, to create a safer community through positive partnerships with law enforcement and other community members, and to earn and hold the trust and respect of the citizens that we are privileged to serve.

The Victim Services sections provide assistance to victims and their families. If you are a victim, please take advantage of every resource we offer. All victims need to become informed of their rights and then participate in the justice system. If you are eligible for victim compensation or restitution, please let us assist you in getting the money you deserve."

Ryan Leonard, District Attorney


The Douglas County District Attorney is the chief prosecuting officer in the Douglas Judicial District (Douglas County) for the State of Georgia. He is an elected constitutional officer, who is part of the judicial branch of Georgia State Government.

The District Attorney represents the State of Georgia in the trial and appeal of criminal cases in the Superior Court. He is also the legal advisor to the Grand Jury, and performs other duties as prescribed by law.


The Office of District Attorney in Georgia dates to the division of the colonial office of Attorney General into the Attorney General and Solicitor General in 1789. It is the only local prosecutor’s position in the United States whose origins can be traced directly to English Common Law offices. As additional Judicial Circuits were created, additional Solicitors General positions were created in the new circuits. 

In 1968, the title "Solicitor General" was changed to "District Attorney" and the office became a full-time position whose incumbent could not engage in the practice of law outside his official duties.


Today, the Douglas County District Attorney’s Office has Assistant District Attorneys and support staff who provide the critical role of prosecuting criminals and professionally serving the Douglas County community.

The Douglas County District Attorney’s Office practices in the Superior Court, prosecuting all felony cases. The Solicitor General’s Office prosecutes misdemeanor cases in the State Court of Douglas County.