Special Announcements

Starting September 1st, Douglas County Board of Election & Registration will be sending out Absentee Ballot Applications to all active & inactive registered voters in Douglas County.  If you have already submitted an application previously, you will not need to submit another one. 

We will be adding ballot drop boxes at the following locations for your convenience. These will only be open until November 3rd at 7pm.  We are hoping to have these locations open by the first week of October. 

  • Old Courthouse                                           6754 Church Street                Douglasville
  • Deer Lick Park                                               2105 Mack Rd                          Douglasville 
  • Boundary Water Aquatic Center             5000 Hwy 92                            Douglasville
  • Dog River Library                                          6100 Hwy 5                              Douglasville