Boards & Committees

Douglas County GeorgiaThe Douglas County Board of Commissioners (BOC) is assisted by a number of advisory commissions, boards and committees. These groups are comprised of county residents and report directly to either the BOC or to individual county departments.


  • Generally speaking, the terms board, commission and committee are interchangeable as applied to the names of these bodies. The groups vary in size and responsibility. Some bodies are created for a specific length of time, while others are ongoing in their assistance to the BOC.
  • In addition, commissioners make appointments to a variety of other authorities and boards throughout the county, which serve in advisory capacities for specific projects, services or facilities. These operate outside the direct supervision of county government.
  • Certain qualifications are required to hold positions on some boards, commissions, committees or authorities.
  • Please contact the County Clerk, Lisa Watson, with any questions regarding board membership at 770-920-7416 or

See Current/Upcoming Opportunities to Serve and descriptions of Douglas County Boards:


Please submit all applications to the County Clerk, Lisa Watson,